An Introduction Course to Kurmanji Kurdish



An Introduction Course to Kurmanji Kurdish: Basics of Kurdish Kurmanji

In this special course you will learn:

  • Kurdish Kurmanji Alphabet and Pronunciation

  • Hot greet people and introduce yourself in Kurdish Kurmanjî

  • Name of Days, Months, Telling the Time Fruits, Vegetables in Kurdish

  • Basics of Kurdish Grammar – to be a verb, how to use ezafe, gender in Kurmanji


Are you ready to start learning Kurdish Kurmanji from the very beginning and improve it surely?


Here are the topics we will cover during our course called An Introduction to Kurdish Kurmanji:

    • Alphab (consonants – vowels)

    • Pronunciation (reading a text together)

    • Direct Pronouns

    • Oblique Pronouns and where to use them

    • Introduce Yourself (say your name, city, job, age etc.)

    • To be (am is are) ”bûn”

    • Gender in Kurdish – How to learn it

    • Numbers and Telling Your Age

    • The Ezafe Construction

    • Ask someone’s name

    • Days of the week (yekşem, duşem…)

    • Months of the year (gulan, adar, teşrîn, nîsan..)

    • Seasons in Kurdish Kurmanji

    • Fruits in Kurdish Kurmanji

    • Vegetables in Kurdish Kurmanji

    • Express the taste (sweet, sour, hot)

    • Telling the time (Saet çend e? – What time is it?)

    • School

    • Colors (Sor, Kesk, Reş, Spî)

    • Family members (how to say he is my brother, she is my cousin, they are my grandparents, etc.)

    • The Weather (it is raining, it is not snowing, the weather is cold, I am cold)

Apart from the grammar and vocabulary sessions, during the lessons you are going to have many different exercises to solve by yourself and then you will have a chance to check the answers with me. I am sure that it will improve your language skills.